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Yes. They are truly frequently asked.

Creating my own personal style? How do I start?

I invite you to shift from telling a one-dimensional story of you, or worse yet, telling someone else’s story. I invite you to do what’s necessary to dream, create, and live your life…to tell your own epic adventure story in living colour and vivid detail. I invite you to click on the button below to request a 1-on-1 strategy session with me to see if working together makes sense.

I’m a solo-entrepreneur / small business owner.
Can you help me stand out from the crowd?

See the answer to the previous question. The answer applies to this question also.

Why do you do what you do?

Through the years, as I talked to women one-on-one, I learned that a lot of women were just like me…so busy carving out a path for themselves and yet they knew that something was missing. Sometimes it’s just a subtle feeling of disconnect. Other times, it’s waiting patiently until the kidlets are grown or the job becomes fulfilling or hits a point that can’t be ignored. Sometimes you might find yourself creating a life or career that you simply know deep down doesn’t reflect the real you. If this is the case for you, it’s time to explore what really does appeal to you. And I’m thrilled to share the “how-to” with you.

How did you get started?

My love of style and personal storytelling started with watching classic movies when I was a kid. I loved the gutsy glamour and sassy sophistication of the fearless, spunky, and quick witted broads, divas and ingénue exuding both charm and sensuality. Along with the handsome leading men and brilliant directors, they made those old movies shine.

I’d then spend hours developing characters and costumes for my dolls, along with scripted plots they could follow with precise direction from me through the scenes I created. Typically, it was some daring adventure that would take us to the most exotic locations an eight-year old mind could conjure.

Fast forward to my adulthood… I realized that not all of the decisions I was making in my life made my heart sing. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t successful in my career. It just meant I was restless because I knew I was leaving a part of my true story untold. Things were generally fine. I just believed there was more to me. So I went on a creative style journey. This journey turned out to be so enlightening and led me to new careers…visual artist, certified colour designer and independent film producer.

As an independent film producer, I’ve produced over 40 films with my husband, Paul. I’ve successfully run the online store selling those films and other materials since 1986.

As a visual artist and internationally certified colour designer, my passion is to help women discover how amazing they are…just the way they are and live the fascinating life they were designed for.

What type of training did you get to be an internationally certified colour designer?

Classically trained in the Suzanne Caygill method of Seasonal Color Harmony and Individual Design Analysis, I provide you with the one-of-a-kind experience of identifying your individual attractiveness along with the pleasure and personal sense of assurance that comes with it.

To grow and perfect my skills as an internationally certified colour designer, I was blessed to do advanced training with Sharon Chrisman, Master CDI, AICI, at the Academy For Appearance Design. Sharon was a graduate of Academy of Color and an instructor at Salon of Color, both founded by Suzanne Caygill, originator of the “Four Seasons” color concept. Ms. Caygill was internationally recognized as a pioneer in color research and for many years was an image designer for MGM Studios in Hollywood and founded the Academy of Color in San Francisco. Sharon was also an instructor at the Color Style Institute, founded by Carla Mathis.

I’m a graduate of the two-year Colour Designer program at the Color Style Institute, founded by Carla Mathis, the pioneer of ColorStyle individual design analysis and co-author of “The Triumph of Individual Style”. Carla is a graduate of Suzanne Caygill’s Academy of Color and was instructor at Suzanne Caygill’s Salon of Color.

After undergoing rigorous certification testing, I’m a proud member of Colour Designers International (CDI), an international organization of professionals and colour enthusiasts.

Would you tell me a bit about you and your style?

1. I’m une petite femme d’un certain âge– a petite woman of a certain age.

2. I’m a bit of a Francophile. And the French joie de vivre: “the quiet joy in being one’s self” is what I so much want for you.

3. I love quality clothes but don’t much care for the fashion industry. I’m not a fashionista but I can clean up well.

4. My FASCINATING PERSONAL STYLE? Adventurous Elegance: Life-affirming adventurer explorer with a timeless elegant bent. Think Angus Macgyver and Indiana Jones meets Marie Antoinette.

Ok, I’m impressed. How can we work together?

I invite you to click on the button below request a 1-on-1 strategy session with me to see if working together makes sense.

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