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First, Let’s Talk About YOU!

You’re a savvy multi-passionate woman who’s already done quite a bit. You know that personal style isn’t just about superficial image. And you want something deeper. You want your essence, inner spirit, unique individuality reflected in the way you dress, do business and live your life.

You may have found your way here today because you’ve out grown how you’ve been showing up in the world and aren’t sure how to move forward. You’re here because you’re ready for a way of expressing who you are becoming. You’re here because you’re ready to be more visible, memorable, influential and impactful. Whatever the reason, you’re in the right place, because…

You know that finding your unique voice
is more important than ever.

And not some one-dimensional story featuring a one-dimensional character that can be summed up in a single trait or characteristic. I’m talking about an epic saga featuring the fascinating multi-faceted woman that you are…romantic, playful, dramatic, quirky, athletic, natural, elegant, alluring, artistic. You’re not a one-dimensional person. So why would you ever tell a one-dimensional story?

I invite you to shift from telling a one-dimensional story of you, or worse yet, telling someone else’s story. I invite you to do what’s necessary to dream, create, and live your life… to telling your own epic adventure story in living colour and vivid detail.

Because that fascinating life you dream of?
It’ll show up, the moment you do.

So, we both know you’re going places — faster than you ever imagined. And it’s time to honor and amplify the most bold, colourful, and vivacious expression of who you are.

Any of this sound familiar?

You feel like you’ve got a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear.

You’re ready to feel more confident and empowered so getting ready for the day is effortless.

You know that everyone is different and we all have our own unique traits. (That’s what makes each person beautiful.) You’re ready to learn how to celebrate what makes you special.

You’re ready to ignore the stereotypical box society carves out for you and and play by your own damn rules.

You’re frustrated with the struggle to look – and feel – comfortable and confident in front of a crowd.

Feeling there’s a look you’d love to rock, but up till now wouldn’t even dare to try it.

Successful and want to feel and look the part. You have a few go-to outfits but other than that, your closet makes you want to cry.

You’re a solo or encore entrepreneur dedicated to your craft, devoted to your clients, and determined to make an unforgettable impression online and in-person.

A lover of art, beauty and design — with definitive preferences.

You’re sick and tired of wasting your time, energy, money and not getting the results you yearn for – so you avoid shopping altogether.

If you can relate to any of this, I’ve got wonderful news for you! You’re in EXACTLY the right place, right now. (And I’m SO thrilled you’re here!)

Working Together

Our time together is custom tailored for you and available by application only. I appreciate the opportunity to serve you at a very high level and am dedicated to working with you to understand your own uniqueness…your most authentic self…and set it free into the world.

You may ask, “Loretta, why does your work include wardrobe, business and home?” Because so many of us work from home, travel for business and have very blurred lines between our personal and professional lives. It makes sense to bring all these elements together for a complete story of who you are.

We’ll customize your time with me to address your challenges that are most important to you. We can focus on the aspects of getting dressed, visual communication, colour and design that have the most meaning for you.

I’ll personally coach and mentor you for a personal style, branded style, and/or home style that 100% reflects your unique beauty and vitality.

While I’m based in Nevada, in the Reno/Carson City/Lake Tahoe Area, out-of-state clients have flown in for style consultations and mentoring. Or we can work virtual long-distance from the comfort of your home or office…no matter where you’re located in the world.

Apply to work with Loretta privately here. (limited spots available)

What People Are Saying

I love sharing your stories of success and hope to see you here one day soon!

Loretta, you have this special intuitive quality that enables you to see the real me. You read people better than anyone I’ve ever encountered, and you’ve helped me to feel so totally comfortable with who I am. – Robyn, NV USA

Goodness Loretta, that is uncannily accurate. I’m a bit shocked! Yes, that’s very like me. I had no idea that the conclusions would be so insightful, helpful and detailed.- Carol, United Kingdom

I finally feel confident to choose my own clothes, jewelry, and hairstyles. I now know what looks best on me! I feel beautiful and confident.- Mary, NV USA

My workbook is gorgeous!!! I love looking at all the colors, and can’t wait to go shopping!! Thank you so much. P. S. I’ve thanked my sister a million times for this! It’s so extravagant but a total necessity!! – Marjie, NV USA

Give me a call. Let’s chat…

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