What is a Fascinating Style Folio?

Through the Fascinating Individual Style™ concept and framework, we see that each individual has a one-of-a-kind aesthetic and unique style expression. However, with research, and as more and more clients work with me and take the assessments, I see recurrent patterns of personality and style emerge that fall across a spectrum.

Studying these recurrent patterns has given me many “aha” moments and has forever transformed my understanding of personality and its foundational connection to individual aesthetics and style expression.

So, within each one of the 64 Fascinating Style Folios, you’ll find “in a nutshell” observations and field notes on those distinctive patterns and with whom the style folio resonates – the individual’s personality, essence, style archetypes, and what style expression is for them.

First, for those unfamiliar with the word “folio,” it’s an old-fashioned word, going back to the time of Shakespeare. I suppose I could have used another word, but I love the significance. According to lexico.com, a folio is an individual leaf of paper or parchment, either loose as one of a series or forming part of a bound volume. That’s how I see these folios — each part of a whole. Let’s get to it now that we’re all on the same page (no pun intended).

The 64 Fascinating Style Folios are organized into four groups by Aesthetic Essence — how your personality facets and inherent physical assets come together for essential and intrinsic elements that must be present when creating an effective fascinating style expression.

Significant differences exist between the four essences, with additional nuances in how the individuals who resonate with each style folio think and feel, are energized, approach the world, and take in style information — all influencing their fascinating style expression.

In other words, with 64 different style folios, I’ve used names to help an individual relate to their inherent nature and superpower: “Free Thinker,” “Inventor,” “Powerhouse,” “Tender Heart,” “Provocateur,” and many others.

While two individuals attracted to the Free Thinker style folio would have similarities — their fascinating aesthetic and style expression could be very different, depending on the subtle distinction of their personality facets and physical assets.

I continually test and refine the assessment to detect anomalies and incongruity in an individual’s aesthetic with a high degree of accuracy contingent upon the integrity of an individual’s self-reporting. (Anomalies offer excellent learning opportunities for that individual.)

So, are you ready to learn which style folio aligns with you and your aesthetic? My tried and true method for identifying it is my Fascinating Style Folio Explorer. Used by many, it’s an intriguing tool to jump-start your style journey.

Want to discover your style?

Use the Fascinating Style Folio Explorer to find the style folio that aligns with your style and how you show up in the world.
Engage the insights shared in the style folio as a starting point for exploring your personality and the foundational connection it has to your aesthetic and style expression.