For the individual who wants to explore and discover who they are and what they want to be known for.

Use the power of the Fascinating Individual Style™ concept & framework to bridge the gap between who and what you are and how you express yourself.

Ready to enhance the best aspects of you and enjoy being yourself?

Realize how amazing you are just the way you are. YOU are a work of art. Uncover your unique aesthetic advantages – the constellation of facets and assets that you and only you possess — the ones that will set you apart from everyone else and connect you with the world and others.

Get “astonishingly accurate” insight into your fascinating individual style. Based on your one-of-a-kind personality, creative energy, the artistic natural beauty of your face, the lilt of your voice, the grace and motion of your body, your highest worth, your unrealized potential — the best parts of you that might not have been obvious to you before.

Know that to have the fascinating individual style and life you’ve always dreamed of you don’t have to change who you are. No. All you have to do is become more of who you are. Leverage what makes you different (not better) than others. Meet your most vivacious and vital self from the inside out — become your best self.

Tap into and fine-tune your aesthetic abilities. Embrace the true value of your fascinating aesthetic.

Explore who and what you are, where your style ideas and inspiration come from, your approach to establishing and maintaining your visual impression, what priority you place on style, and its significance in how you express yourself to the world. Reveal your natural tendencies — Why you are the way you are, how you see the world, how you make decisions, what energizes you, where you get your style inspiration, what drives you crazy, and what makes your heart sing.

Throw light on how you present yourself, connect with others, while revealing your values, strengths, and challenges regarding your style expression.

When you understand your personality and aesthetic preferences, you can better appreciate, rely on and use your natural gifts — Whether dressing your desire, developing an individual style on purpose, intentionally crafting a personal brand style, creating exceptional and original work, establishing a creative workspace or decorating your home.



Dive deep into your personality facets, physical assets, essence, visual impression, style archetypes, along with challenges, strengths and opportunities provide for incredible growth.


Knowing that your aesthetic choices are intimately connected to your distinctiveness is an empowering place to begin. It will work as a foundation for your fascinating aesthetic advantage.

Style Expression

With an enriched self-perception and new tools you’ll find the freedom to live your life more fully by expanding your favorites into every area of life…its endless.

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