Creative Workspace & Home Style

Behind every attractive room there should be a very good reason. – Sister Parrish

Once you’re in tune with your fascinating aesthetic, you gain a new perspective on everything in life, including how you decorate your creative workspace and home without sacrificing your individuality.

Ensuring you maintain high levels of satisfaction and engagement can directly impact your company’s bottom line.

Using your fascinating aesthetic advantage, you can design a better and more productive creative space, whether you’re remote, hybrid, or in full-time office mode.

Whether you’re in a nook off the kitchen, an artist shed in production mode, or a storefront with walk-in traffic, small changes in your creative space can significantly impact your productivity and happiness levels.

Using your fascinating aesthetic advantage, you can create a joy-filled home that is a refreshing oasis for you and your family. (With family members, look for ways to incorporate and honor everyone’s aesthetics.)

Virtual or In-person Experience


Our proven approach brings together time-tested creativity and strategy — based on the ancient wisdom, traditional techniques, art and science — to form an actionable, growth-oriented guide for your style. Within days, we’ll help you make crystal clear your fascinating individual style, and more.

I’m dedicated to creating an ‘eye-opening’ and thrilling 1:1 experience with your budget in mind and with as much love & attention that you deserve.

International & Virtual: While I’m based in Nevada, in the Reno/Carson City/Lake Tahoe Area, out-of-state clients often fly in for VIP time. Or we can work virtual long-distance from the comfort of your home or office…no matter where you’re located in the world.

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