Fascinating Individual Style


We approach style & aesthetics from the inside-out and 360° — which means that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy.

There is only one you...

YOU are a work of artTHE 1/1 edition. Fascinating Individual Style provides a framework for tapping into your own senses — for a never before understanding of the connection between your inherent personality facets and physical assets and how it influences your appreciation for beauty and style expression.

Make everything a beautiful reflection of you.

You’re able to find more joy & less overwhelm. You’re able to make everything in your life — starting with your clothing — a beautiful reflection of who you are and the harmonious connection you have with yourself and the world around you.

How your style feels is just as important as how it looks.

Every decision you make is a reflection of who you are. Your individuality is key to your contentment in life and can’t be overlooked. Deep down we all want to connect with people. If we show up authentically, people recognize it — it’s familiar. They understand who you are and what you stand for.

When we understand ourselves and who we are — we make easier decisions for success with how we show up in the world.

It works whether dressing our desire, creating an individual style or brand style, decorating creative workspaces or home, or creating exceptional and original work. Saving us a boatload of time and money. When other people understand you, they can begin to LIKE + TRUST you, which leads to all sorts of wonderful things. (Which, I like.) When you do it YOUR way, you can’t ever get it wrong.

Why we should work together...

  • Because what if you had more confidence, felt more skilled, and finally felt like who you are on the inside, was perfectly aligned with how you show up on the outside?
  • Because when you create a crystal clear style that feels good and attracts without compromising your true self, values, or beliefs — you’ll find a treasure trove of growth and success.
  • Because from now and beyond, this knowledge — this priceless peek at the connection between your inherent personality facets & physical assets — this knack for a deep understanding of how it influences your appreciation for beauty and style expression is what gets you to…

Style true to who you are in 4 easy steps

Using the ancient wisdom, art and science of personality + aesthetics, my Fascinating Individual Style™ method —  helps you tap into your own senses and superpowers to discover your inherent aesthetic advantage and iconic superpowers and the true value of your individual style — to form an actionable, growth-oriented guide for your style.

N° 1 Discover

Discover the personality facets of your Fascinating Style Personality. Tap into your aesthetic advantage — the unique strengths and psychological triggers that influence your experience of beauty and inform your style expression.

N° 2 Explore

Explore your physical assets — the unique design signatures of your body — the colour, line, shape, proportion, scale, texture and distinctive features that form your identity. Experience freedom in the way you physically create or express beauty — starting with your clothing.

N° 3 Create

You’ll feel more comfortable if your aesthetic choices are appropriate for your lifestyle — that includes your profession, roles, goals, and activities. Tap into the iconic superpowers of your Fascinating Style Archetypes for a psychological shortcut to authentic style expression that is clear, consistent, and effective.

N° 4 Express

Express your feelings and dreams and communicate your ever-evolving self. With tools & skills to make creative choices – everything you do becomes meaningfully aligned with and true to you from the inside out. I’m here to help every step of the way too.

Customize To Your Unique Needs


Our proven approach brings together time-tested creativity and strategy — based on the ancient wisdom, art and science of personality + aesthetics — to form an actionable, growth-oriented guide for your style. Within days, we’ll help you make crystal clear your fascinating individual style, and more.

Together we'll...

  • Discover how amazing you are...just the way you are.

  • Uncover the unique Aesthetic Advantages and Iconic Superpowers that you and only you possess.

  • Find colours, textures, and design that attract attention, enhance your power, restore your energy, make a lasting impression, show the world who you truly are.

  • Create a memorable presence that increases your confidence, self-esteem, and feeling of success.

  • Learn the two most common mistakes (along with others) that individuals make with their personal style and how to avoid them. Dispel myths that have limited your choices.

So you can...

  • Be the most bold, colourful, vivacious expression of YOU.

  • Stop being invisible, step into the spotlight, and claim the attention you deserve.

  • Never worry about how you look again! Look great and feel fabulous...all the time.

  • Meaningfully align and express on the outside how you feel on the inside. Trust your instincts.

  • Make your home an oasis for you and your family. Decorate your home in the essence of YOU.

  • Save time, energy and money. Be more confident in your choices. Get better results.


  • Get 'astonishingly accurate' insight into your fascinating design - your one-of-a-kind personality, creative energy, the artistic natural beauty of your face, the lilt of your voice, the grace and motion of your body, your highest worth, your unrealized potential - the best parts of you that might not have been obvious to you before.

  • Meet your most beautiful self from the inside out. See WHY your so-call quirks, idiosyncrasies, and so-called flaws may actually be your greatest strengths.


  • Choosing the right colours and styles for YOUR unique body style, so you look fabulous every day.

  • Learn how to dress to stand out, be seen heard, and valued for who you truly are.

  • Effortlessly cultivate a fresh, flattering, inspiring, and confident individual style that flatters you, looks and feels right and expresses your untapped brilliance.


  • Learn what colour harmonies, textures, and design work best for you in your creative spaces, shared spaces and private sanctuaries in your home.

  • Create a charming, inviting, and rejuvenating space for you and your family.


  • Maximize your favourites in every area of your life. Save your precious time, energy and money.

  • Make confident choices - no more second guessing. Make better buying decisions on your next shopping trip. Get a great return on investing in yourself.

I’m dedicated to creating an ‘eye-opening’ and thrilling 1:1 experience with your budget in mind and with as much love & attention that you deserve.

International & Virtual: While I’m based in Nevada, in the Reno/Carson City/Lake Tahoe Area, out-of-state clients often fly in for VIP time. Or we can work virtual long-distance from the comfort of your home or office…no matter where you’re located in the world.

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