6 Steps to Fascinating Individual Style

1-on-1 Intensive

A six module program of creativity for enhancing personal growth by bridging the gap between who and what you are and how you express yourself to answer many questions, but most importantly, “Who am I, and what do I want to be known for?”



Aesthetic, beauty, vitality, style, image, self-expression — they’re all a huge part of an individual’s personal life. But due to the disconnected points of view, no one has united it all under one fundamental philosophy. Until now.

Fascinating Individual Style™ is a holistic, fun, and practical concept and framework to help you find your fascinating individual style by bridging the gap between who and what you are and how you express yourself to help answer many questions, but most importantly, “Who am I, and what do I want to be known for?”


Leverage the Fascinating Individual Style™ framework in this rich VIP experience.

N° 1

Discover the personality facets of your fascinating aesthetic — the unique strengths and psychological triggers based on the “Big Five” model of personality that influence your experience of beauty and vitality and inform your style expression.

* Fascinating Personality Facet Exploration

N° 2

Discover the natural patterns of colour, line, and texture as seen in the physical assets of your fascinating aesthetic that influence your experience of beauty and vitality and inform your style expression. You get acquainted with the psychology and symbolism of colour, line, and texture.

* Fascinating Physical Asset Exploration

N° 3

Discover the essence of your fascinating aesthetic — the essential and intrinsic elements of your fascinating aesthetic that must be present when curating an effective style expression with precision and intention.

* Fascinating Aesthetic Essence Exploration

N° 4

Discover the visual impression of your fascinating aesthetic and how it’s perceived impacts you and your relationship with others.

* Fascinating Visual Impression Exploration

N° 5

Discover the style archetypes of your fascinating aesthetic. Learn how to align your aesthetic choices with your purpose, vision, and values by tapping into and engaging their iconic superpowers.

* Fascinating Style Archetype Exploration

N° 6

Curate your fascinating style expression with clarity, consistency, and creativity. Understanding your intention and purpose will make the difference between a superficially pretty expression of your style and one with grit, grace, and traction.

* Fascinating Style Expression Exploration

How will this course help you?

You can begin to...

  • Dress your desire.
  • Develop an individual style – on purpose.
  • Intentionally craft a personal brand style.
  • Create exceptional and original work that is attractive and irresistible.
  • Establish an engaging creative workspace.
  • Make your home an oasis for you and your family. 

The benefits...

  • Enhance the best aspects of you. Enjoy being your harmonious self.
  • Dress to stand out or blend in, be seen, heard and valued for who you truly are.
  • Stop being invisible, step into the spotlight and claim the attention you deserve — Get paid for being YOU.
  • Create exceptional and original work with the power to attract, engage, tug at the heartstrings, and create a gut reaction.
  • Make your creative workspace engaging and productive. 
  • Make a charming, inviting, and rejuvenating home for you and your family. 
  • Save time, energy, and money. Be more confident in your choices. 

What You Get.

You get an individualized set of tools and techniques, along with strategic thinking and purposeful action — based on the holistic Fascinating Individual Style™ concept and framework rooted in ancient wisdom, traditional techniques, art, and science.

With an enriched self-perception and a few fundamental design principles, you can make creative choices that express beauty and vitality without compromising your true self, values, or beliefs.

Reveal your natural tendencies and inherent aesthetic advantage. Why you are the way you are, how you see the world, how you make decisions, what energizes you, where you get your style inspiration, what drives you crazy, and what makes your heart sing. When you understand your personality and aesthetic preferences, you can better appreciate, rely on and use your natural gifts.

Throw light on how you present yourself, along with revealing your values, strengths, and challenges regarding your style expression.

Explore where your style ideas and inspiration come from, your approach to establishing and maintaining your wardrobe, what priority you place on style, and its significance in how you express your style to the world, whether dressing your desire; crafting an individual style or personal brand style; creating exceptional and original work; decorating your creative spaces or home.


Awaken Your Senses
Personality Facets
Physical Assets


Aesthetic Essence
Visual Impression
Style Archetypes


Voice & Vibe
Look & Feel
Colour Palette
Style Guide
Inspiration Board

Who Should Experience This 1-on-1 Intensive?


The successful individual interested in improving their understanding of themselves. The individual who wants to make certain they have a solid understanding of their aesthetic so the time and money spent on curating their style expression is well spent. The individual who want to be sure whatever they do is an accurate reflection of themselves, what they value, their goals and overall vision of who they are and what they want to be known for.

Virtual or In-person Experience


Our proven approach brings together time-tested creativity and strategy to form an actionable, growth-oriented guide for your fascinating individual style. Within no  time, you’ll be expressing your fascinating aesthetic advantage with clarity, consistency, and creativity.

I’m dedicated to creating an ‘eye-opening’ and thrilling 1:1 experience with your budget in mind and with as much care & attention that you deserve.

International & Virtual: While I’m based in Nevada, in the Reno/Carson City/Lake Tahoe Area, out-of-state clients often fly in for VIP time. Or we can work virtual long-distance from the comfort of your home or office…no matter where you’re located in the world.

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