The Hero

The Hero style archetype at a glance

Understanding your Hero Style Archetype.

AKA – The heroine, warrior, crusader, rescuer, superhero, soldier, dragon slayer, winner, competitor, crusader, achiever, coach.

Goal – Expert mastery through courageous acts in a way that improves the world.

Greatest fear – Weakness, vulnerability, body or mind giving out.

Weakness – Arrogance, always needing another battle to fight, egocentricity, aggression.

Turn offs – Self-doubt, cowardice, indecisiveness, excuses, uselessness, status quo.

Talent – Competence, courage.

Awesome at – Unrelenting drive and courage in the face of fear.

Voice & vibe – Motivational, actionable, self-confident, self-disciplined, direct.

Motto – Be all you can be.

Words to live by – If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

Champions – The underdog, elitism, determination, endurance, strength, success, audacity.

Wants to feel – Inspired, strong, empowered, determined, motivated, “I can overcome this challenge.”

Tips for showing your Hero style.

  • Whether dressing your intention, creating a personal brand style, building a brand identity, decorating your creative workspace and home office, or creating exceptional and original work – choose design elements that make yourself and others feel inspired, strong, empowered, determined, motivated, “I can overcome this challenge.”
  • Figure out how you can incorporate the competitive, winning, or braced feeling and spirit into your style.
  • Use the more saturated, stronger, and bolder colours from your Fascinating Colour Palette.
Also, if you aren’t sure what your archetype is, use the Fascinating Style Archetype Explorer. It’s used by individuals who are looking for a fun and easy way to manage their style expression – something that resonates with their personality, lifestyle, desires, and comfort level.