N° 48 The RockStar


This style folio resonates with the individual who has an easy-going, sensitive, kinesthetic vibe and a fun, free-spirited, talkative, entertaining, magnetic presence.


A vivacious entertainer, you charm and engage those around you.

Warm and talkative, you have a contagious enthusiasm for life. You like to be in the middle of the action and the center of attention. Playful, with an open sense of humor, you draw out other people and help them have a good time.

Intent on making everyone feel amazed, you’re improvisational with your humor and expressive with your entire body, creating a spectacle for everyone. You aim to bring joy to all those around. Generous with your time and energy, when it comes to encouraging others, you do it with irresistible style.

You see the world in your own way — a way that’s often purer and more wonderful. You’re capable of always seeing the light and positivity around you — your superpower that you share freely with the rest of the world. You can approach things from a place that is both loving and open, which makes you an absolutely fantastic person.

Practical and resourceful, you prefer to learn through hands-on experience. You figure things out as you go along and tend to dislike book learning and theoretical discussions.


With a Dynamic & Moving essence you have an overall vibe that is dynamic and moving.

The energy of your aesthetic is lit by sunset and your optimum colour quality most likely being unclear, indistinct, toned, or rich — even in light-weight fabrication.

The design character is drama and presence with a sense of movement outside the box.

The design weight is relatively heavy with design activity that is complex.

The level of refinement is most often unrefined or roughly textured.

To support your personality facets and physical assets from the inside out, your aesthetic must have a dimension of motion — it cannot look static.

A sense of ‘drama and presence’ must be a part of the aesthetic and ultimately in the style expression.

The aesthetic needs to have something that seems to go outside the visual frame.

There needs to be a sense of definitive movement and swift lines in design and ornamentation.

The qualities that serve to characterize the essence of your fascinating aesthetic are often seen in the Season of AUTUMN.

Style Archetypes

You can and will use all of the style archetypes in your style expression. However, you’ll really lean into the Jester, Lover, Creator, Magician, and Explorer as they innately align with your aesthetic.

Style Expression

Whether dressing your desire, developing an individual style, intentionally crafting a personal brand style, creating exceptional and original work or decorating your home and creative workspace, your aesthetic and style expression is kinesthetic and tactile.

Spontaneous, energetic, and fun-loving, you take pleasure in all things: food, clothes, nature, animals, and especially people. It’s a joy for you to pay attention to your style and you delight in looking good.  There’s an ‘outside the box’ attitude and aliveness to your style choices.

You have a naturally outgoing nature which draws people to you, and you love to express in your style — exciting colours, textures, accessories, combinations, and other details you weave into delightful, gorgeous outfits.

You often enjoy experimenting and playing with clothes and style, and don’t take it too seriously, whilst always wanting to look good. Thriving on the new and interesting, your fun-loving nature is an asset when it comes to defining your style expression. Changing things up is a special skill you bring to your creations, and always with a pragmatic bent (nothing too outlandish or unworkable). A little bit of cheerful and flirtatious drama is always a good thing!

The Next Step

If, for you, the “in a nutshell” notes and observations in this style folio ring true, you may have remarked, “Wow, this is pretty darn accurate.” or “Finally, someone gets me and how I roll!” You might have even asked, “How do they know so much about me?”

Few individuals are as free-spirited as you. You are all about finding exciting new things to explore and experience. your energy, enthusiasm, and down-to-earth perspective are invaluable in many areas, including personal growth.

Yet you can easily be tripped up in areas where your focus on practical matters is more of a liability than an asset – such as balancing the individual, business, and creative aspects of showing up in the world. As a result, you may need to put in a dedicated effort to develop your senses and hone some additional skills.

But to do that, you must have a plan and a personal treasure map. The best pair of hiking boots in the world won’t take you to your destination if you don’t know where you want to go. You’ve got a glimpse of the basics. Now is the time to go much deeper into your fascinating aesthetic and answer, specifically for you, “why?”, “how?” and “what if?”

This knowledge will be the beginning of a lifelong journey of discovery. Are you ready to learn why you make the choices you do? What motivates and inspires your aesthetic decisions? What are you afraid of or secretly dreaming of trying? How you can tap into and fine-tune your aesthetic abilities and discover your fascinating aesthetic advantage?

To learn more, purchase the book, “What Is My Fascinating Individual Style?“, by Loretta Hamilton. It steps you through the holistic concept and framework of Fascinating Individual Style for a unique exploration into personality  and its foundational connection to individual colour and style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The fascinating style folio assessment that you took provides some fantastic insights, but you’ve only seen 5% of what I can show you. My bespoke 1-on-1 Guided Experiences hold the remaining 95% of insights into your fascinating aesthetic and go way deeper than what you’ve already read.

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If you genuinely want to understand yourself and grow into the best version of yourself, then learning from these materials is a must. Think of them as providing a treasure map and compass toward a happier, more successful, and more harmonious you.

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You get an individualized set of tools and techniques, along with strategic thinking and purposeful action.

We use the Fascinating Individual Style™ Concept & Framework, rooted in ancient wisdom, traditional techniques, art, and science. You’ll go deeper into how your fascinating aesthetic informs your style expression, personal growth and success.

Each Guided Experience concentrates specifically on one area of your life you would like to explore or improve upon. Includes Specialized Assessments specific to that area of development.

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I didn’t slap the Style Folio assessment together for the fun of it. For 30+ years innate curiosity led to development of this concept and framework and assessment tools. It stands on the shoulders of many curious and innovative ancients, artists, scientists, designers, and stylists.

My research-backed personality model incorporates the latest advances in psychometric research, combining time-tested concepts with robust, highly accurate testing techniques.

Since 1990, I’ve assisted an eclectic array of clients around the world tap into and fine-tune their aesthetic abilities and discover their aesthetic advantage.

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