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This style folio resonates with the individual with a deep, intellectual, future-focused, reserved vibe and an intense, direct, tenacious, independent, private presence.


Your secret superpower is deep perception and putting your ideas into a valuable form for others to follow. Naturally attuned to “the big picture,” you cannot help but see how everything is interconnected.

Enthusiastic and capable of spotting a problem, you’ll plow through the endless details that encompass the issue and develop a unique and viable solution.

Your insightful observations, original ideas, and formidable logic enable you to push change through with sheer willpower and the force of personality. Once you’ve arrived at a conclusion, you fully expect others to see the wisdom in your perceptions. You’re typically a perfectionist and appreciate an environment of intellectual challenge.

While discussing ideas, you may get yourself into trouble because of your take-no-prisoners attitude: if someone’s beliefs don’t make logical sense, you typically have no qualms about pointing that out.

Although you aren’t usually warm or particularly gregarious, you radiate self-confidence and an aura of mystery. You’re a completely different person when you’re with close friends than you are with everyone else. You can be charismatic and outrageously funny but remain very reserved with people who aren’t in your “inner circle.”


With a Contained & Dramatic essence, you have an overall vibe that is contained and dramatic.

The energy of your aesthetic is lit by moonlight with your optimum colour quality most likely being pure, darkened, shaded, and contrasting.

The design character is drama, presence, and stillness.

The design weight is relatively heavy with design activity that is simple.

The level of refinement is most often highly refined.

To support your personality facets and physical assets from the inside out, your fascinating aesthetic must have a sense of grandeur and drama or dramatic simplicity — a touch of the extreme.

Rarely will there be anything done in moderation. Drama can be carried to the extreme. Extra-ordinary is usual fare. Even simplicity needs to be dramatic.

There needs to be a sense of stillness and drama along with the element of “contrast” in design and ornamentation.

The qualities that serve to characterize the essence of your fascinating aesthetic are often seen in the Season of WINTER.

Style Archetypes

You can and will use all of the style archetypes in your style expression. However, you’ll really lean into the Creator, Explorer, Outlaw, Sage, and Sovereign as they innately align with your aesthetic.

Style Expression

Whether dressing your desire, developing an individual style, intentionally crafting a personal brand style, creating exceptional and original work or decorating your home and creative workspace, your aesthetic and style expression is polished and sophisticated.

Expressing your uniqueness with individually crafted items and unique pieces, but you generally, don’t want to stand out in an overt “look at me” way. You often clarify the criteria that drive your aesthetic choices, whether those involve practicality, comfort, simplicity, and uniqueness, price, efficiency, flexibility, or other factors. If you want or need to know about style expression, you’ll master it. Once mastered, it may appear that the interest was never there because the style expression appears effortless.

Hating to be boxed in, you approach style expression as a space to learn and play. Even though you’re often too serious in other ways and with other issues, you don’t take style too seriously. Style is a fun and creative outlet. Style rules are interesting to learn about; they can be used, flexed, expanded upon, broken, and developed for greater individual or personal brand use. You don’t like to feel you look poorly pulled together. You’re happiest when you know your wardrobe choices are appropriate for the situation — you’re perhaps even better dressed than others around you.

The Next Step

If, for you, the “in a nutshell” notes and observations in this style folio ring true, you may hit a tipping point – from skepticism to “I had no idea.” You might even be a little nonplussed because you’re not used to being understood, even by those who know you best.

Chances are you’ve accepted this, and maybe you’ve even grown proud of it. But embracing the disconnect can lead you down a remote, inefficient path. Instead, gaining insight into your fascinating aesthetic and style expression is much more rewarding – and effective.

I’ve spent years researching the patterns, behaviors, and tendencies that shape an individual’s aesthetic. Step by step, insight by insight, I’ve discovered what makes the difference between a successful, fulfilling, and energized style expression and one that is many times falling short of goals and aspirations. This has given me a deep appreciation of the challenges an individual with this aesthetic faces – and how those challenges can be overcome.

To learn more, purchase the book, “What Is My Fascinating Individual Style?“, by Loretta Hamilton. It steps you through the holistic concept and framework of Fascinating Individual Style for a unique exploration into personality  and its foundational connection to individual colour and style.

My bespoke 1-on-1 Guided Experiences can show you how to use your strengths and avoid common pitfalls while staying true to who you are. Because that’s the point, isn’t it? To learn how to fulfill your purpose in ways that make sense for you.

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My research-backed personality model incorporates the latest advances in psychometric research, combining time-tested concepts with robust, highly accurate testing techniques.

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