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A Few Surprising Facts About Me…

I’m une petite femme d’un certain âge, espresso and croissant craving, movie-loving adventurer, storytelling filmmaker, visual artist and creator.

As an adventurer, I’ve flown a paraglider solo to 10,000 feet. And flown with my husband tandem in a foot-launched hang glider to 16,000 feet in the High Sierras and a powered hang glider to 14,000 feet above the peak of Mt. Whitney, CA.

As a storyteller and independent filmmaker, I’ve been executive producer, stylist, and camerawoman on over 40 films on light sport aviation – hang gliding, paragliding, and powered hang gliding.

As a visual artist and creator, I’m co-owner of Adventure Productions LLC, an award-winning, full-service multimedia production company, and co-owner of a flight school in Carson City, NV.

My Favorites...My Style


Loretta's Favourites

Adventurous Elegance — 
Aesthetic Advantage

Explorer, Creator, Innocent, Outlaw — 
Fascinating Style Archetypes

Sophisticated Early Sandy Spring — 
Seasonal Reference, Suzanne Caygill method

Petite, Skeletal & Moulded, Hourglass — 
Part of my Divine Design

(Think Angus “Mac” MacGyver meets Marie Antoinette.)

"Official Bio"


Loretta Hamilton is une petite femme d’un certain âge, espresso and croissant craving, movie-loving, storytelling filmmaker, visual artist, and the only expert colour designer & psychology-driven style strategist.

Since 1990, Loretta has assisted an eclectic array of clients around the world to tap into and refine their aesthetic abilities and turn them into a strategic advantage — to feel more alive. To unleash the true value of their style — to delight, attract attention, enhance their power, restore their energy, make a lasting impression — and connect meaningfully with themselves and the world around them. Sometimes this is just a matter of helping them get out of their own way so they can invest in themselves and find more joy and less overwhelm — while saving time, energy and money, being more confident in their choices, and getting better results — without compromising their true selves, values, beliefs, or comfort.

Using the ancient wisdom, art and science of personality + aesthetics, Loretta’s Fascinating Individual Style™ method helps an individual tap into their own senses and superpowers to discover their inherent aesthetic advantage and tap into the true value of their individual style.

All about living a stylish, adventurous life at any age, Loretta’s passion is to help individuals understand themselves on a deeper, more meaningful level and find the freedom to to tell their story vividly and in living colour — whatever their adventures. Because that fascinating life they dream of? It’ll show up the moment they do.

Based in Carson City, Nevada, USA, when she’s not visually transforming individual’s aesthetic success in the world, she’s exploring the world with her husband. They recently enjoyed the wonders of Egypt.

Working with me isn’t for everyone, and it might not be for you — but if it is, take your next step…

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