The Creator Archetype


Understanding your Creator Archetype.

AKA – The Artist, designer, maker, craftsman, musician, storyteller, dreamer, visionary, builder, inventor.

Goal – To express yourself, realize a vision, hone artistic skill, create.

Greatest fear – Mediocre vision or execution, lost inspiration.

Weakness – Perfectionism, bad solutions, prima donna tendencies.

Talent – Creativity and imagination.

Awesome at – Mastering their craft and creating beautiful things.

Voice & vibe – Descriptive, inciteful, unconventional, inventive, artistic, innovative, visual, provocative, metaphor-rich.

Motto – If it can be imagined, it can be created.

Words to live by – Don’t think outside the box – think about what you can do with the box.

Champions – Inspiration, imagination, uniqueness, creativity, artistic expression, craftsmanship.

Wants to feel – Amazed, inspired, “I want to be able to do what she/he can.”

Tips for showing your Creator style.

  • Whether dressing your intention, creating a personal brand style, building a brand identity, decorating your creative workspace and home office, or creating exceptional and original work – choose design elements that make you and others feel amazed, and inspired.
  • Pick your colour scheme from your Fascinating Colour Palette and stick to it (at least for a while) to create a consistent and visually engaging presence or environment. Sometimes more is just more.
  • Even if you’re not artistically inclined (artist or maker), you can still show off your Creator Archetype in creative ways.
Also, if you aren’t sure what your archetype is, take my style archetype assessment. It’s been taken by individuals who are looking for a fun and easy way for managing their style – something that resonates with their personality, lifestyle, desires, and comfort level.