The Sage

About The Sage style Archetype

Understanding your Sage Style Archetype.

AKA – The expert, scholar, detective, advisor, thinker, academic, researcher, planner, professional, mentor, teacher, guru, investigator, analyst.

Goal – To understand the world and teach others what you know.

Biggest fear – Being duped, misled—or ignorance. Being outsmarted.

Weakness – Can study details forever and never act. Lack of feeling/emotion.

Turn offs – Misinformation, ignorance, ambiguity, superficiality, gimmicks, status quo.  

Talent – Wisdom, intelligence.

Awesome at – Analyzing things to finding solutions with unwavering confidence in expertise.

Voice & vibe – Factual, decisive, authoritative, intelligent, researched, analytical, humanist, wise, and trustworthy.

Motto – The devil is in the details.

Words to live by – Education is the path to wisdom and wisdom is where the answers lie.

Champions – Learning, truth, intelligence, research, analysis, critical thinking, individuality. 

Wants to feel – Educated and “in the know”, wise, “I understand,” engrossed.

Tips for showing your Sage style.

  • Whether dressing your intention, creating a personal brand style, building a brand identity, decorating your creative workspace and home office, or creating exceptional and original work – choose design elements that make yourself and others feel educated and “in the know,” wise, “I understand,” engrossed.
  • Show off and share your wisdom and expertise in witty and delightful ways.
  • Embrace high-tech details in your personal presentation and environment.
  • Choose clean and minimalistic colour harmonies from your Fascinating Colour Palette.
Also, if you aren’t sure what your archetype is, use the Fascinating Style Archetype Explorer. It’s used by individuals who are looking for a fun and easy way to manage their style expression – something that resonates with their personality, lifestyle, desires, and comfort level.