Discovering Your Fascinating Aesthetic

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. - Oliver Platt

The first step in the Fascinating Individual Style™ framework is where you tap into your fascinating aesthetic and learn to refine your aesthetic ingenuity and aptness for discovering, understanding, interpreting, and articulating who you are and what you want to be known for. And that is your superpower. That is your fascinating aesthetic advantage.

You are part of the Universal Design & Artistry of Nature...

…and thus, wonderfully made. Your taste, eye for beauty and vitality are distinctive. So, what constitutes harmonious, comfortable, or sublime for one person might be different for you.

You are one-of-a-kind — and your life, how you experience beauty, and express beauty and vitality will be unique to you. That is your aesthetic advantage.

Your fascinating aesthetic encompass your personality facets — the unique strengths and psychological triggers that influence your experience of beauty and vitality and inform your style expression.

Your fascinating aesthetic also encompass your physical assets — the natural patterns of design elements as seen in your physical features that influence your experience of beauty and vitality and inform your style expression.

When you work from the root of your fascinating aesthetic — your personality facets and inherent physical assets, you’ll be able to refine your aesthetic ingenuity and aptness for discovering, understanding, interpreting, and articulating feelings aroused by a particular object or experience.

This illustrates both your fascinating aesthetic and aesthetics.

Fascinating Aesthetic and Aesthetics.

Here’s an easy way to understand the terms and use them:

The word fascinating is related to the word fascinate which comes from the Latin word with a rather unsettling and sinister meaning. These days, the adjective fascinating means “possessing the power to charm or allure, captivating, and capable of holding the attention.” A short list of synonyms for the word is, enchanting, captivating, irresistible, and charming.

The term aesthetic is used both as an adjective and a noun. The term used as an adjective concerns artistic impact or appearance.

The term used as a noun examines the values or qualities in an object that, as a whole, gives pleasure to the senses. That may be nature, other people, an object, or creative work.

For example, the term used as an adjective, “My outfit has aesthetic appeal.” And an example of the word used as a noun is “My outfit is in harmony with the qualities of my aesthetic.”

The noun aesthetic is often used in plural form. In the plural form, aesthetics encompasses the pleasure we derive from perceiving an object or experience through our senses. For example, “The aesthetics of my outfit are delightful and bring me great joy.”

How it works.

You are drawn intuitively to colours and designs that complement your own uniquely organized pattern of energy, colour, line, and texture that give you distinction, separate you as a unique personality, and fashion you unlike any other.

You are able to evaluate any collection of elements objectively. You’re able to quickly identify the qualities of each piece and pinpoint what caught your eye. You not only know what you’re genuinely drawn to and love but why you fell in love with it.

In other words, you have an inherent sense of yourself. And barring any significant outside influences or events, you typically will select items related to this organized pattern.

Each colour and design element you select can specifically enhance your individuality, beauty, vitality, emotions, and everyday activities in your life.

Understanding more fully the harmonious relationship, that “state of unity and self-completeness,” between the item and you — you’re able to bring new favorites into the mix and know that they’ll play well together with the longtime favorites in your life.

Realizing what you really love, you are then able to craft a plan to use only those items. No matter the style label placed on it, if you genuinely love it, it’ll fit!

You’ll find that items that don’t have similar qualities as you add clutter and confusion to your wardrobe, your environment, your work — your life. They frustrate the heck out of you.

These are the items that never feel quite right. These are the items you can never find the perfect occasion to wear. Never see the correct location in your home. End up failing to produce the desired result. You look at these items and wonder, “What was I thinking?”

You learn to trust your instincts and have the courage to make everything a celebration of your uniqueness.

With an enriched self-perception and a few fundamental principles of design, you can make creative choices that express beauty and vitality without compromising your true self, values, or beliefs.

Not only can you dress your desire and develop an individual style on purpose — You can use the same principles to intentionally craft a personal brand style, create exceptional and original work, decorate your creative workspace and home. It’s endless.

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