The Jester

About the Jester style archetype at a glance

Understanding your Jester Style Archetype.

AKA – The bon vivant, trickster, joker, prankster, performer, comedian, jokester, clown, provocateur.

Goal – To have a great time and lighten up the world.

Greatest fear – Being bored or boring others.

Weakness – Frivolity and wasting time.

Turn offs – Delicate sensibilities, dictators, taking life too seriously, misery.

Talent – Joy & humor.

Awesome at – Appreciate the joy in life and thinking outside the box.

Voice & vibe – Witty, clever, self-deprecating, high-energy, irreverent, over-the-top, fun-loving, mischievous, impulsive, enthusiastic.

Motto – If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.

Words to live byLife is way too serious to be taken seriously.

Champions – Confidence, enjoyment, laughter, having fun, living in the moment.

Wants to feel – Playful, giddy, energetic, entertaining, amused, “I love life.”

Tips for showing your Jester style.

  • Whether dressing your intention, creating a personal brand style, building a brand identity, decorating your creative workspace and home office, or creating exceptional and original work – choose design elements that make you and others feel playful, giddy, energetic, entertaining, amused.
  • Aim to make people let their hair down – to smile, laugh, and enjoy themselves.
  • Go for the unexpected, surprising, and delightful.
  • Choose colours from your Fascinating Colour Palette that are vibrant and saturated.