The Innocent Archetype

About The Captivating Brand Style of The Innocent Archetype

Understanding your Innocent Archetype.

AKA – The dreamer, utopian, traditionalist, saint, optimist, cheerleader, purist

Goal – Create happiness, spread optimism, keep life pure and simple, and be deeply fulfilled.

Greatest fear – Doing something wrong.

Weakness – Simplistic view of the world.

Turn offs – Cynicism, theatrical reactions, negativity, attention seekers.

Talent – Faith and optimism

Awesome at – Seeing the beauty in everyday things. Finding the silver lining. 

Voice & vibe – Simple, concise, upbeat, honest, transparent, integrity, wholesome, virtuous, vulnerable, square, and trusting.

Motto – Life is simple and simplicity is elegant.

Words to live by – Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Champions – Faith, harmony, honesty, happiness, purity, peace.

Wants to feel – Joyful – “I can do this!” – encouraged.

Tips for showing your Innocent style.

  • Whether dressing your intention, creating a personal brand style, building a brand identity, decorating your creative workspace and home office, or creating exceptional and original work – choose design elements that make yourself and others feel joyful – “I can do this!” – encouraged.
  • Choose elements that have an organic, natural, fresh, or child-like and joyful vibe.
  • Choose colours from your Fascinating Colour Palette that brighten, engage, and make you feel fresh.
Also, if you aren’t sure what your archetype is, take my style archetype assessment. It’s been taken by individuals who are looking for a fun and easy way for managing their style – something that resonates with their personality, lifestyle, desires, and comfort level.