Loretta Hamilton, Expert Colour Designer & Psychology Driven Style Strategist

Hey there!

I'm Loretta,

the only expert colour designer and psychology-driven style strategist...

helping individuals tap into and refine their aesthetic abilities and turn them into a strategic advantage — to unleash the true value of their style expression — to delight, attract attention, enhance their power, restore their energy, make a lasting impression, to connect meaningfully with themselves and the world around them.

And now?

I’m here for you.

Why am I for you?

  • BECAUSE you’re curious about who you are + expressing yourself fully — in all you do.
  • BECAUSE you’re a seasoned entrepreneur ready to take your business to the next level.
  • BECAUSE you’re a designer looking to elevate your work and your clients.
  • BECAUSE when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you do good.
  • BECAUSE in this day and age, it’s the only way to cut through the noise and actually be seen, heard, and understood for who you are and what you do best.
  • BECAUSE you don’t want to half-ass it any longer. You know when you half-ass the psychology, the look, the feel…you’re screwed — something’s off. You feel it. Others feel it too.

Join me...

I believe there is tremendous value in beauty, design, and style, yet most aren’t equipped to tap into it.

Style relates to freedom in the way one physically creates or expresses beauty. Aesthetics encompass how one experiences beauty — the gratification, pleasure, and fulfillment one feels when all their senses are awakened.

We all need — crave and seek out — opportunities to learn and discover — to express our feelings and dreams and to communicate our ever-evolving selves — our essential expression. We need easy tools and skills to make ourselves more aesthetic and style our world.

That said, I’ve come to realize aesthetics is critical in this day and age of artificial and digital. Aesthetics still requires a human touch and is not so easily replicated.

Aesthetics contribute joy and fulfillment to our life and livelihood, our relationships, and even our health and wellbeing. Bottom line — aesthetics matter.

So for those who chose to join me on this new “aesthetic journey” — Yay!

Together, we’ll find and share ways to push the boundaries with focused action and incorporate more beauty, purpose, and fulfillment into your life, career, and business.

Together, we’ll tap into the true value of your style and aesthetics — invaluable to your meaningful success and happiness.

Together, we’ll bring just a bit more delight, prosperity, and humanity into the world.

"Because that fascinating life you dream of? It'll show up the moment you do."—Loretta Hamilton

And, I'll let you in on a secret—straight away...


It’s a skill like any other, that can be learned like any other. All it takes is a little practice. Thirty plus years of experience has convinced me that styling an individual style and personal brand style & identity — it’s something everyone can readily accomplish.

Oh, by the way? If you haven't figured it out by now...


Beautiful style & design is wonderful, but it has to say the right things about you, your life, your business. It needs to feel right and it needs to connect with you and those that matter. Easier said than done.

Most image consultants, stylists, or brand experts use a system that is generic in that it’s the same logic for everyone. With a set of silly rules, along with a prepackaged collection of colors and templates. Or, they promise some magic “makeover” that often alters an individual’s visual messaging and may or may not have any relationship to their personality or spirit.

With me, you get an individualized set of tools and techniques, along with strategic thinking and purposeful action — based on the ancient wisdom, art and science of personality + aesthetics.

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